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Swell coffee table

Interacting with nature. This collection relates to surf, an interpretation of the development of waves, the change from flat to swell, or from flat ocean to large waves. A Swell is formed through high sea storms. The waves spread through long distances, and by the time they reach the coast, it forms continuous waves that break by colliding with sand banks or coral reefs. When a surfer says he “got into a swell”, he means that the weather has changed in the ocean and the waves are now ideal for surfing. This collection brings new objects that interact with nature, or in this case, with the SUN. Modular Sofas with 4 options and with a clipping mechanism that allows a large composition – Water and fading resistant fabrics, specific for outdoor areas. A coffee table and a swivel side table, with basaltic stone base, a material that our nature provides in abundance. A canopy, to create that shadow on the hour that the sun is brightest, with UV finish. A fireplace to warm up with friends in the evenings.

Alain Blatché
Alain Blatché

French designer`s Alain Blatché is graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from University of Buenos Aires. He has studi ...

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Ref Description Height Width Depth
3816 Swell coffee table 38.50 cm 120 cm 46 cm




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